Nowhere on the Caribbean islands hiking is so marvellous and wonderfull and so varied as on Saba.
If you want to do all the trail you need about 24 of hiking. And you really will want to take a photo after every 10 steps that you made.
The trails have lengths ranging from 30 minutes to 2.5 hours, but most of them will take about 1.5 hours.

There are 5 climate zones on that tiny island of Saba.
You can make many choices: of course in the tropical rain forest at elevations of 500 to 600 meters in the secondary forest
where old plantations of bananas, mangoes, limes, oranges, avocados, guavas, Mammee apples and soursops
are overgrown by plants and trees of the jungle: tree ferns, West Indian mahogany trees, palms, elephant ears and so on.
Many people want to climb to the highest point in the Dutch Kingdom: the summit of Mount Scenery at 877 meters with - if there is no cloud hanging around the top–
offers a beautiful view over the ocean with St Maarten, St. Eustatius, St Kitts and Montserrat.
If there is a cloud, the perception is at least as fairylike and magical.
The trails at that altitude and a lot lower are in the "cloud forest", also known as the "elfinwood".
You walk through a beautiful fairy tale between overgrown trees dripping with mosses and ferns in a sunlit mist: it looks like real fairytale paintings.
But you can also choose to hike the whole variety that will show you trails of rainforest,
going through the drier areas with smaller trees and bushes into the dry desert with cacti
until eventually the coastline which sometimes solidified, jagged lava rock walls form a magnificent lunar landscape.

Hiking on Saba with all natural slopes implicates mostly going up or down.
The trails usually have the character of sort of stairways sometimes alternating with more horizontal pieces.
The ever new and surprising views make each walk unforgettable.
The altitude makes the climate perfect for hiking. Unlike other islands, the temperature mainly don’t exceed 27 degrees Celsius and often you will also feel a lovely sea breeze.
The shadow of the trees is a big part of the hikes to a wonderful summer experience.

The unspoiled nature, the silence with only the sounds of wind and of the birds will make that you would like to stay on Saba for ever.
Because of the variation in plants, the flowers on the island, the beautiful butterflies and birds you will never feel bored.
This apart from the impressive and magnificent ever changing vistas.

Please take more time for each hike than what has been designated as "official" walking time.
Stop over and look around, take breaks to drink, eat and especially to inhale the atmosphere.

For virtual tours, please visit: /saba-trail shop/trails-en.htm

Of course there is more to enjoy on Saba. Under water, the nature is at least as beautiful as above the water and for a good reason
Saba is recognized worldwide as a top experience in the world of diving or snorkeling .
But also the landscape of the built environment, the few villages with all their well-preserved architectural cultural-historical values,
some small museums are completing the impression of pureness.
(Cf. eg, /graveyards and

Besides accommodation options in friendly small hotels - including the environmental friendly Ecolodge and El Momo Cottages -
there are many cottages for rent for tourists.

For more information please contact
Drs René Caderius van Veen through



1 Mt Scenery Trail

2 Bud's Mountain Trail

3 Crispeen Trail

4 Bottom Mountain Trail

5 Paris Hill Trail

6 The Ladder Trail

7 Sandy Cruz Trail

8a North Coast Trail East

8b North Coast Trail West

9 All Too Far Trail

10 Old Sulphur Mine Trail

11 Flat Point / Tide Pools Trail

12 Spring Bay Trail

13 Giles Quarter Trail

14 Maskehorn Hill Trail

15 Trailshop to Museum Trail

16 Dancing Place Trail

17 Tara Ground Trail


































































6a. saba-randonnee
12a saba-voetpaden
18 boschplaatse slingertuin
19 boschplaatse te koop
20 boschplaatse kijk mijn erf
21 borgen in
24 saba Els Mommers
25 saba Sandra Johnson
26 saba diving
27 saba biking
28 saba tauchen
29 saba duiken
30 saba plonger
31 saba-plongee